Blue Apron for the Win

Recently, Josh’s mom sent us a Blue Apron to try out and I think I’m in love.

Between the two of us, we love to cook. It is a super fun activity that the both of us really enjoy doing. Part of cooking also requires planning and doing a little bit of prep work. Big surprise – Josh does not like that part. He despises the busy grocery store and doesn’t like planning what to make. I don’t loathe grocery shopping like he does, but I do struggle with having the time to do it all – I’m a busy lady! Fresh produce is also a tough one – I buy it and then it goes bad because I can’t eat it in time. Something always comes up and interferes with my plans to eat at home during the week and by the time the weekend rolls around, the food is bad.

First world problems, right?

Speaking of first world problems, our society is great at solving them! Blue Apron is our hero!

Blue Apron showed up on my doorstep, packed with all the ingredients for 3 full meals, recipes, wine suggestions and an informational document about one of the ingredients – this week it was turnips.

My organizer heart loved all the cute recipe cards and the organization – OH, THE ORGANIZATION! It was blissful. Most of the ingredients were clearly labeled and the only things that weren’t labeled were very easily identifiable. No confusion here!






I was crazy impressed. The portions were a little on the smaller side for Josh, but not too terrible.
For me, recipes included ingredients that I might not normally buy and everything thus far has been delicious.

I’m hoping to make some of these recipes again on my own – just gotta make it over to the grocery store one of these days…








Bon Appetite!

Kicking My Sugar Addiction

If you know anything about me, you know that I candy.  I could eat candy all day. Those monthly candy subscriptions are made for people like me. Sometimes I go to (<-go check them out if you haven't seen them before) and just imagine the joy of opening a package filled with candy each month.  Sheer, blissful, utter joy.  If it didn't make me sick to my stomach - yes I still do that at 25 - I would only eat candy.  Oh, and bacon.

Sadly, all things must come to an end.

Due to genetics, I got my mom’s teeth, which means they are weak and prone to cavities.  I think I have more filling in my mouth than real tooth.

Embarrassing.  I know.

The candy definitely doesn’t help my already weak teeth, so it is time to make a change!

How am I kicking my habit?


Here I am, telling you and telling all my family and friends that I’m restricting.  So, don’t offer me candy.  Don’t bring me, buy me or place sugar near me.  Be kind to me!  It is hard enough for me to resist on my own.

Choose Natural Sweeteners

Honey.  Fruit.  Raw Sugar.  Coconut Sugar.  Cocao.  Fruit.  Oh, and more fruit. 🙂


Everyone has sugar cravings.  It is normal.  During those moments, I’m going to really try to eat fruit. But, in times of desperation….my only allowance shall be small amount – key word being small – of dark chocolate.

Remembering the Dentist

Ugh.  What more motivation do I need?  I do not like the dentist.  What I like even less is cavities, shots, drilling, crowns and spending money to fix cavities. So, in order to spend the least amount of time at the dentist as possible, I need to stop eating so much sugar.

Any other tips for me???  I need them!