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Gift Guide for the Wrapping Pro

I’m SUCH a huge advocate of beautiful gift wrapping. Half the fun in receiving a gift is unwrapping it. The beauty of the gift starts on the outside!

If you want a funny/cute story about me as a toddler, just ask anyone who ever spent a Christmas with me. As a child, I rarely cared what was in the gift. I just wanted to open it! I’d run around to whomever’s turn it was to open their present and BEG to open the gift for them. Selfish. I know. But truly, I just loved the act of unwrapping!

That’s why I try to put so much effort into my gifts! Take a look at these gift wrapping essentials that have me drooling (and dying to unwrap)!

1. Scandinavia Gift Wrap
2. Let Your Heart Be Light Holiday Cards
3. Sheer Elegance Shoppers Collection
4. Pearlized Wraphia Robin’s Egg Blue Ribbon
5. Metallic Silver Jeweler’s Size Star Bow
6. Metallic Dots Cloth Bags
7. Light Blue Sheer Satin Edge Pull Bows
8. Sheer Organdy Silver Ribbon
9. Chicago Holiday Cards
10. Sweater Print in Silver & Gold Gift Wrap

Can you tell that I’m into Bags & Bows lately?

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