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Lakefront Wedding

My dear, beautiful friend got married!

I still can’t believe it.

I had the pleasure of watching her relationship grow from a little seedling to a beautiful, blossoming flower! They started dating quickly after I met the bride, 8 months of dating, 8 months of engagement and BAM! Married. Love it!

The two of them are beautiful together and I am so happy for the two of them!



She did a marvelous job of planning a nautical-themed, lakefront wedding in her parent’s backyard. Their house was transformed into wedding central! Trucks delivering arches and tents, flowers being arranged in the basement and neighbors coming out of the woodworks to help put the finishing touches AND to rearrange the chairs when the weather decided not to cooperate.



Honestly though, it was so cool to see their community come to help out and make sure that the wedding went smooth. Her family has definitely made a big impact because people were everywhere, running around, making everything perfect. The wedding as a whole was filled with joy and celebration, despite the slightly rainy day.


My favorite moment of the day was all because of my amazing fiance who knows me all too well. I like to think I rock the bridesmaid role. I’m an overachiever in general, so when it comes to weddings, I really go all out. Running around here and there, I am always just a helpful hand away. Knowing how I am and after things had kind of calmed down a bit, Josh stole me away. Grabbing my arm, he led me down to the waterfront where we sat together on two wicker chairs. Talking and listening to the waves hit the shore was the first time that I had an opportunity to take a breathe that day – it was just what I needed.


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