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White Dresses

Wedding planning means lots of white dresses. Yes, I already found THE white dress, but what about all the events in the meantime? There are a lot! With all the bridal showers, bachelorette parties and general engagement celebrations, getting a new white dress is a must.


Dresses from LuLu’

Yessss, I’d probably be told that I have plenty of clothes and should use what I have – that might be true, you don’t get married every day!

I also think that having something new to wear is part of the excitement – helps add to the anticipation and enjoyment of the engagement.

I actually have to admit that I’ve never owned a purely white dress before. I’m always a little warry considering the fact that I’m bound to spill OR the white will be see-through (NO THANK YOU!). Can’t have either of those, so I’ve always steered clear of white. But, it is time to get over my fear and find that LWD.

My goals for the dress are:

  • not see-through
  • isn’t wildly expensive
  • something that I could wear again
  • classy and on the modest end of the spectrum
  • flattering and one of-a-kind

Let’s hope for some good qualifiers! Eek! I’m excited just talking about it.

Check out some of these…I think I’m on the right track.

Have you had any luck? Any recommendations?

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